About Us

Since 2011, Pampered has been offering customers with luxury style beauty and anti stress products to calm mind, body and soul. Taking care of your skin and hygiene is a very important part of a daily routine. For this reason we strive to offer wonderful remedies that people find they not only need but love to use.

Our offices are located in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa California where we absolutely understand the need to nourish skin and keep it protected from harmful environmental factors, especially the sun. Not only are our products healthy but a pleasure to use.

We are proud to be exclusive importers from countries all over the world like England, Spain and Germany but also carry a great selection of products made right here in the USA.

From delicious Bella Lucce Scrubs that feel wonderful to Penhaligon’s amazing smelling bath oils to soak in; you’ll find what you need to feel pampered, here. Let us bring the spa to you, today.