Infusion Organique Scent Diffuser, 16oz

Infusion Organique Scent Diffuser, 16oz

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Infusion Organique Scent Diffuser is a fabulous way of filling the room with unique aromas that send you on a journey. Comes with reed sticks that naturally disperse these fine fragrances throughout the room. Each scent is inspired by unique regional elements from across the world. To freshen up, turn reed sticks twice daily.

Choose from the following scents:

Acai Rain: Catch the breeze of the Brazilian Rainforest. Tart acai, raspberry and currant berries with sweet white peaches and vanilla extract.
Buddha's Fig: Enjoy enlightenment in the sweet Western Asian air. Rose and fig extracts with lemongrass organic oils and woody and amber scents.
Indochine: Be enveloped in the sweet embrace of the Golden Orange. Wonderfully sweet kumquat, peach and vanilla combined with flowery water lily and jasmine.
Sands of Morocco: Wander through the lovely scents of a Moroccan field. Blends Sandalwood, oak moss, organic lemongrass and vanilla.

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